Posted on March 22, 2001

Dear All:

The Nobel Prize in Economics for 2001 will soon be announced. Who will it go to?

(1) A group of economists (students and profs) think it might be DALE JORGENSON of Harvard. He’s the favorite.

(2) My personal opinion is that it could go to two camps; the EXPERIMENTAL economics camp or the MICRO/UNCERTAINTY camp. If that’s true, my bets are on the following people:

(a) EXPERIMENTAL: Joint win of Vernon Smith and Charles Plott.
(b) MICRO/UNCERTAINTY: A combination of George Akerlof, Peter Diamond, and maybe Joe Stiglitz.

If anyone else has an opinion, send them to me and I can distribute them later.

October 9, 2001

p.s. Have you ever asked yourself why there is not a Nobel prize in mathematics? It’s because Alfred Nobel’s wife had the old “affair” with a mathematician…and he specifically requested there NEVER be a prize for mathematics.